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One of the aspects of a home that most people are usually unaware of is the crawl space. Whether you are aware of it or not, the crawl space serves a real purpose in that the crawl space acts as a buffer between your home and the earth below. When a home has a crawl space beneath it, that space actually acts as suction for the water vapor which is given off from the soil. If your crawl space is damaged it can cause all sorts of problems in your home. So if you need repairs, give us a call so that we can get your crawl space back up to standard. 



There are many benefits to having a crawl space that is in excellent working condition. For one, the quality of air in your home will be better which allows you to breathe better. Comfort is also another factor because your floors will not be as cold during those freezing winter months. Another benefit is that with the properly regulated air that the crawl space gives your home, your power bill can be reduced by around 20%. So as you can see, there are enough reasons to have your crawl space repaired, so if you feel that these perks will benefit your life at home, then contact us to find out more. 


Pest Control

Having your crawl space repaired can have greater connotations for your home than you would think. For example, everyone hates those pests that manage to creep in through the floorboards and make unwelcome appearances in your home. When repairing your crawl space you could have it encapsulated which would add a protective layer between your crawl space and your home. This even prevents termites from getting in through the floor. If you ask us, there is no better reason than that to have your crawl space repaired. It will definitely send up saving you money when you consider the long-term benefits. 


Structural Integrity

Having a wet crawl space can be very damaging to your home when you consider the mold and mildew, but there is a greater problem that could occur which has far harsher connotations. To use the drainage system on your roof as an example, gutters take water away from your home to maintain its structural integrity and avoid damage. Exactly the same thing can be said for your crawl space. If your home's foundation has water damage created from a crawl space, then your home is simply no longer as structurally secure as it once was. This is why it is very important to have your crawl space repaired. 


Home Odour

This is going to sound like a weird one, but believe us when we tell you that it is very true. Have you ever had a suspicious smell around your home that lingers from time to time but you have no idea where it is coming from? If so, then you are potentially sitting with a damp crawl space in your home. Aside from the health reasons, having mold and mildew beneath your home gives off a terrible odor that can be very difficult to shake. So if you have been encountering strange smells around your home, then maybe it is time to give us a call.

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